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What is Vanus


Vanus is a Serverless Message Queue made for global developers with many innovative features beyond traditional message queues. Vanus separates storage and computing resources and offers modern development features such as CloudEvents native, FaaS Integration, built-in Connectors, Data Filtering and Transformation, and more.

Vanus can be used not only for building Pub/Sub systems but especially enables you to build an EDA(Event-driven Architecture) application with agility.

Characteristics of Vanus


The principle of Vanus design is to create a fully serverless system, that can automatically and transparently scale up or down, which lets you only pay for the actual resources needed and up to a 10x reduction in your cost. Moreover, Vanus provides high availability with near to zero administration, maintenance, or scaling burden, even on-premises.


The absent of a common way for describing events means developers must constantly re-learn how to consume events. The portability and productivity we can achieve from event data are hindered overall.

CloudEvents is a specification for describing event data in common formats to provide interoperability across services, platforms, and systems.

That's why Vanus takes CloudEvents as its message envelope instead of inventing another messaging wried protocol.

FaaS Integration

We believe the future of businesses will run in FaaS and communicate through Message Queue. Vanus has integrated FaaS Runtimes such as AWS Lambda, Knative, and much more to be included.

Event-driven Architecture

Many organizations have chosen Event-driven Architecture to build their applications in the Cloud because of the benefit of EDA, such as being highly scalable, extremely loosely coupled, and highly composable. But it's still a challenge to build a large-scale EDA application, and Vanus provides plenty of connectors, data filtering, and transformation mechanisms to make the process of building an EDA Application easier.

Open Source

Vanus is fully an Open Source project, which is publicly available under the Apache 2.0 License. You can find Vanus on GitHub.

For more details about Vanus, you can find it in our Concepts section.